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Super 8
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After a young budding filmmaker (Riley Griffiths ), the son (Joel Courtney) of the widowed deputy sheriff (Kyle Chandler), and some friends (Elle Fanning, Zach Mills, and Gabriel Basso) witness their desperate, African-American schoolteacher (Gylnn Turman) drive his pickup truck onto the railroad tracks and cause a horrific, fiery, multicar train crash while they were all filming a horror movie after midnight in this intense, action-packed, energetic, family-oriented, entertaining, star-studded (Bruce Greenwood and Ron Eldard) sci-fi thriller, the students find their small Ohio town taken over by close-mouthed Air Force military personnel (Noah Emmerich, Richard T. Jones, et al.) who are hiding a secret as they try to keep the precarious, dangerous situation under control as townsfolk (Brett Rice, Beau Knapp, et al.) and their canine pets begin disappearing in 1979.

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