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Short Redhead Reel Reviews date from 1986 to present. This main page lists the five most recent film reviews. To view a complete list of all films reviewed this month, see Previous Reviews on the right.

Saturday, April 22, 2017
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Free Fire
  R   2017
  A free for all and pandemonium ensue as bullets fly and bodies drop in this wacky, funny, over-the-top, violent, 90-minute, 2016 satire when an IRA terrorist (Cillian Murphy) shows up with other gun-toting criminals (Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Michael Smiley, Sam Riley, Enzo Cilent, Noah Taylor, Patrick Bergin, Jack Reynor, Babou Ceesay, and Mark Monero) to an abandoned Boston warehouse in 1978 to buy M16s from an arms dealer (Sharlto Copley).

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  R   2017
  When a successful online editor (Rosario Dawson) moves to California to marry a divorced brewery owner (Geoff Stults), who has a young daughter (Isabella Kai Rice), in this gripping, intense, well-paced, 100-minute psychological thriller reminiscent of Fatal Attraction, she suddenly finds herself the target of her fiancée’s jealous, perfectionist, psychotic ex-wife (Katherine Heigl), who has an extremely controlling mother (Cheryl Ladd), when she concocts a dangerous scheme involving her abusive stalker (Simon Kassianides) to win back her husband.

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Born in China
  G   2017
  John Krasinski narrates this beautifully photographed, family-friendly, educational, stunning, 3D, 76-minute, Disneynature documentary that follows the life cycle of various animal families that raise their offspring in China, including a bamboo-eating panda caring for her daughter, a high plateau snow leopard raising her two cubs, a jealous golden snub-nose monkey trying to fit in with his family and newborn sister, female chiru antelope that leave the males for six months to give birth, and legendary cranes that carry the souls of the departed.

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Lost City of Z, The
  PG-13   2017
  Slow pacing hinders this beautifully photographed, fascinating, factually based, violent, 141-minute film based on David Grann’s bestselling novel “The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon” that chronicles three perilous expeditions that British Colonel Percival “Percy” Fawcett (Charles Matthew Hunnam) made to South America where he was initially sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society, leaving his pregnant wife (Sienna Miller) and 3-year-old son (Tom Mulheron) in 1906 to survey the border between Bolivia and Brazil with aide-de-camp Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson), returning again in 1912 to Brazil with his devoted crew (Edward Ashley, Matthew Sunderland, et al.) and well-known explorer James Murray (Angus Macfadyen) to find evidence of a mysterious civilization, and finally after serving in WWI, he returns with his adult son Jack (Tom Holland) in 1925 to find the ancient city that he always dreamed of discovering.

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Promise, The
  PG-13   2017
  Striking cinematography highlights this captivating, factually inspired, well-acted, evenly paced, bittersweet, violent, star-studded (James Cromwell, Tom Hollander, Jean Reno, Rade Serbedzija, Andrew Tarbet, et al.), 135-minute, romantic, 2016 film with the Ottoman Empire as the backdrop and based on Franz Werfel’s 1933 novel The Forty Days of Musa DaghAssociated Press photojournalist (Christian Bale) based in Paris and covering the Armenian Genocide, and then suddenly finds himself in a Turkish labor camp building a railroad in the Taurus Mountains after trying to save his wealthy cousin who was arrested, and then finally after escaping and returning home, he joins other Armenians trying to stand up and fight the Turkish army who have slaughtered more than 1.5 million Armenians.

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