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Short Redhead Reel Reviews date from 1986 to present. This main page lists the five most recent film reviews. To view a complete list of all films reviewed this month, see Previous Reviews on the right.

Saturday, November 9, 2019
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  R   2019
  Joon-ho Bong’s critically acclaimed, superbly-written, entertaining, well-acted, dark, humor-punctuated, satirical, unpredictable, 132-minute comedic thriller in which an unemployed, broke, ambitious Korean family, including a proud father (Song Kang-ho), his devoted wife (Hye-jin Jang), his twentysomething daughter (So-dam Park), and his college-dreaming son (Woo-sik Choi), who folds pizza boxes for a meager wage, con their way to working as a chauffeur, a housekeeper, an art therapy teacher, and an English tutor, respectively, for a wealthy couple (Lee Sun-kyun and Cho Yeo-jeong) and their two spoiled children (Jung Ji-so and Jung Hyun-joon) at their posh mansion to dire, unexpected consequences when a former, peach-allergic employee (Lee Jung-eun) shows up unexpectedly and throws a wrench into the scam.

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Cave, The
  PG-13   2019
  [Subtitled] [Opens Nov. 8 at the MSP Film Society at the St. Anthony on Main Theater; for information, log on to info@mspfilm.org or call 612/331-7563.] After witnessing the horrors of war, the killing and maiming of thousands, and starving children in war-torn Syria in Feras Fayyad’s intense, gut-wrenching, moving, inspirational, eye-opening, 95-minute documentary highlighted by striking cinematography, dedicated and selfless Syrian pediatrician Dr. Amani Ballor ends up questioning her calling as she manages a dedicated team of civilians and medical staff, including Samaher and Dr. Alaa, trying to save the wounded at a secret underground hospital in Ghouta with limited food, personnel, medical equipment and supplies, and medicine and then having to justify her value and work to chauvinistic men.

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Children of Maria
  NR   2019
  [Subtitled] [Plays Nov. 7 at 5 p.m. as part of the Cine Latino festival at the MSP Film Society at the St. Anthony on Main Theater; for information, log on to info@mspfilm.org or call 612/331-7563.] Alfred Castellanos’ inspirational, touching, fascinating, eye-opening, heartbreaking, 58-minute documentary that focuses on the resilient, remarkable, adaptable children, including would-be astronomer Jose David, garden-planting Valeria, and music-loving Andres, in Puerto Rico who lived through and survived the horrific, unimaginably devastating category 5 hurricane Maria on Sept. 19, 2017, that left no part of the island and its people unaffected and leaving most Puerto Ricans without basics such as homes, livelihoods, water, electricity, and food.

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  PG-13   2019
  While a successful, international, redheaded French actress (Isabelle Ruppert) and her grief-stricken Scottish husband (Brendan Gleeson) deal with her terminal cancer diagnosis during a vacation with her gay, restaurateur ex-husband (Pascal Greggory) and her commitment-phobic son (Jérémie Renier) in an historic, idyllic town in Portugal near Lisbon in this somber, poignant, meandering, down-to-earth, 100-minute film dominated by striking cinematography, scenery, and architecture, her ambitious New Yorker hairdresser and makeup artist friend (Marisa Tomei) must decide how to proceed after her cinematographer boyfriend (Greg Kinnear) proposes and her beautiful African-American stepdaughter (Vinette Robinson) must navigate her relationship with her teenage daughter (Sienna Nanua) and her crumbling marriage to her husband (Ariyon Bakare).

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Last Christmas
  PG-13   2019
  When a 26-year-old, free-spirit, unlucky, cynical, wannabe singer (Emilia Clarke) moves from Yugoslavia to England with her dour, PTSD-afflicted, ex-singer mother (Emma Thompson), her former lawyer, taxi-driving father (Boris Izakovic), and her gay, over-achieving lawyer sister (Lydia Leonard) and works as an elf clerk at a year-around Christmas shop for its eccentric Asian owner (Michelle Yeoh) between auditions in Paul Feig’s disappointing, lackluster, evenly paced, quirky, love-or-leave-it, star-dotted (Patti LuPone, Rebecca Root, Rob Delaney, Peter Serafinowicz, and Ingrid Oliver), 103-minute romantic comedy reminiscent of a television Hallmark movie interspersed with George Michael music, she falls for a mysterious, charming handsome deliveryman (Henry Golding) in London who gives her a new outlook and perhaps affects the course of her entire life.

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