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Short Redhead Reel Reviews date from 1986 to present. This main page lists the five most recent film reviews. To view a complete list of all films reviewed this month, see Previous Reviews on the right.

Thursday, April 21, 2016
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Elvis & Nixon
  R   2016
  An hilariously funny, hokey, well-acted, factually inspired, star-studded (Colin Hanks, Tate Donovan, Evan Peters, and Tracy Letts), 96-minute film based on Jerry Schilling’s Me and a Guy Named Elvis and Egil Krogh’s The Day Elvis Met Nixon in which legendary singer Elvis Presley (Michael Shannon) heads to Washington, D.C., in December 1971 with two Memphis homeboys (Alex Pettyfer and Johnny Knoxville) to get an audience with skeptical President Nixon (Kevin Spacey) so that he can get a badge that would allow him to become a federal-agent-at-large and go undercover to take down drug dealers.

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Hologram for the King, A
  R   2016
  When a divorced, down-on-his-luck IT executive (Tom Hanks) leaves Boston for Saudi Arabia to set up a holographic sales pitch with his team (Ben Whishaw, Megan Maczko, and Jon Donahue) for the king in this engaging, well-acted, quirky, 97-minute film based on Dave Eggers’ 2012 novel, he finds himself roaming the desert with a taxi driver (Waleed Elgadi), frustrated by absentee Arabic executives (Dhaffer L'Abidine, et al.), and falling for a doctor (Sarita Choudhury) who treats him for a nasty cyst on his back.

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Huntsman, The: Winter’s War
  PG-13   2016
  Striking special effects, costumes, and sets dominate this action-packed, entertaining, predictable, humor-dotted, 114-minute fantasy film adapted from the classic fairytale “Snow White” in which two smitten warriors (Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain) and four tenacious little people (Nick Frost, Rob Brydon, Sheridan Smith, and Alexandra Roach) try to prevent the revenge-driven, coldhearted, evil Ice Queen (Emily Blunt), who outlaws love in her kingdom after losing baby daughter and the man she loved, from obtaining the golden mirror that belongs to her jealous, diabolical sister (Charlize Theron) that would give her even more power.

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  R   2016
  When a CIA agent (Ryan Reynolds) is killed in London by a ruthless terrorist (Jordi Mollà) and his partner (Antje Traue) in this intense, violent, cliché-filled, star-dotted (Gal Gadot, Alice Eve, Scott Adkins, and Robert Davi), 113-minute thriller, a CIA bigwig (Gary Oldman) orders a scientist (Tommy Lee Jones) to use experimental methods to transfer the memories of the dead operative into a dangerous, psychopathic criminal (Kevin Costner) on death row in order to prevent a blackmailing hacker (Michael Pitt) from selling software known as “The Wormhole” to the highest bidder that would allow them access to U.S. military launch codes.

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Adderall Diaries, The
  R   2016
  While attending the murder trial of a man (Christian Slater) accused of killing his wife to gather material for a new book which triggers troubling memories from his past in this convoluted, wacky, star-dotted (Cynthia Nixon, Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama, and Jim Parrack), 105-minute film told in flashbacks and based on Pamela Romanowsky's adaptation of Stephen Elliott’s 2009 memoir, a drug-addicted writer (James Franco) in New York City struggles with writer’s block, connecting with his new crime reporter girl friend (Amber Heard) he meets in the courtroom, and establishing a relationship with his estranged father (Ed Harris) when he suddenly shows up at a book reading/signing telling the audience that his son’s book is a fabrication.

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