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Short Redhead Reel Reviews date from 1986 to present. This main page lists the five most recent film reviews. To view a complete list of all films reviewed this month, see Previous Reviews on the right.

Friday, February 5, 2016
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Choice, The
  PG-13   2016
  Many choices must be made in this touching, romantic, heartwarming, 111-minute, chick-flick film based on the Nicholas Sparks novels in which a vivacious doctoral student (Teresa Palmer) in the Outer Banks of North Carolina is torn between her love for a handsome doctor (Tom Welling) and a free-spirited veterinarian (Benjamin Walker), who is in practice with his widowed father (Tom Wilkinson), and then her husband must make life and death decisions after a tragic accident.

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Wild Africa
  NR   2016
  Helena Bonham Carter narrates this stunning, educational, 3D, 45-minute IMAX documentary dominated by amazing cinematography that showcases the myriad landscapes, changing weather patterns, and wonderful animals of Kenya and the Serengeti, including elephants, crocodiles, gorillas, wildebeests, pink flamingos, lions, chameleons, lizards, hippos, zebras, vultures, and desert vipers.

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Finest Hours, The
  PG-13   2016
  When an oil tanker splits in half during a violent winter storm in the North Atlantic in 1952 off of Chatham, Mass., in this suspenseful, action-packed, factually based, star-studded (Eric Bana, Holliday Granger, Matthew Maher, and John Gigliotti), 3D, 109-minute thriller based on Casey Sherman’s and Michael J. Tougias’s 2009 book, brave Coast Guard men (Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Kyle Gallner, and John Magaro) stage a harrowing, dangerous rescue mission to save the remaining crew (Casey Affleck, John Oritz, Graham McTavish, Josh Stewart, Abraham Benrubi, Michael Raymond-James, et al.).

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Kung Fu Panda 3
  PG   2016
  When an evil general (voiceover by J.K. Simmons) returns from the spirit world to steal as much chi as possible from the many friends (voiceovers by Dustin Hoffman, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, David Cross, and Randall Duk Kim) of the black-and-white dragon warrior (voiceover by Jack Black) and threatens his newly found panda father (voiceover by Bryan Cranston) and his adopted goose father (voiceover by James Hong) in this entertaining, colorful, family-oriented, 3D, 95-minute animated comedy, the lovable, dumpling-eating panda quickly begins teaching kung fu to the rolling-loving pandas (voiceover by Kate Hudson, et al.) and his tiger friend (voiceover Angelina Jolie) in preparation for a fight while trying to find his own chi.

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Boy, The
  PG-13   2016
  When an American nanny (Lauren Cohan) from Montana is hired by an elderly British couple (Jim Norton and Diana Hardcastle) to care for their 8-year-old son who turns out to be a doll in this creepy, unpredictable, unevenly paced, 97-minute thriller, she turns to a kind grocery store deliveryman (Rupert Evans) after she begins questioning her sanity as odd things begin happening at the stately English mansion.

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