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Title Redhead Rating MPAA Rating Year
I Am PG 2011
I Am David PG 2004
I Am Legend PG-13 2007
I Am Love R 2010
I Am Not Alone NR 2021
I Am Number Four PG-13 2011
I Am Rage NR 2023
I Am Syd Stone NR 2021
I Am T-Rex NR 2023
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart NR 2002
I Am Vanessa Guillén NR 2022
I Am Woman NR 2020
I Am a Sex Addict NR 2008
I Blame Society NR 2022
I Can Only Imagine PG 2018
I Capture the Castle R 2003
I Care a Lot R 2021
I Carry You with Me R 2021
I Come in Peace R 1990
I Could Never Be Your Woman PG-13 2008
I Didn't See You There NR 2024
I Don't Know How She Does It PG-13 2011
I Dream of a Psychopomp NR 2022
I Dreamed of Africa PG-13 1999
I Feel Pretty PG-13 2018
I Feel Tight NR 2009
I Give It a Year R 2013
I Got Your Letter, John Bauer NR 2021
I Got a Monster NR 2023
I Got the Hook-Up! R 1998
I Hate Valentine's Day PG-13 2009
I Heart Huckabees R 2004
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell R 2009
I Know What You Did Last Summer R 1997
I Know Who Killed Me R 2007
I Like It Like That R 1994
I Lost My Body NR 2020
I Love My Dad R 2022
I Love Trouble PG 1994
I Love You Don't Touch Me! R 1997
I Love You More NR 2024
I Love You Phillip Morris R 2010
I Love You to Death R 1990
I Love You, Beth Cooper PG-13 2009
I Love You, I Love You Not PG-13 1998
I Love You, Man R 2009
I Met the Walrus NR 2008
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry PG-13 2007
I Origins R 2014
I Saw the Devil NR 2011
I Saw the Light R 2016
I Sell the Dead NR 2009
I Served the King of England R 2008
I Shot Andy Warhol R 1996
I Spy PG-13 2002
I Still Believe PG 2020
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer R 1998
I Think I Do NR 1997
I Think I Love My Wife R 2007
I Used to Be You NR 2024
I Want My MTV NR 2021
I Want You Back R 2022
I Want to Go Higher NR 2023
I Went Down R 1998
I'll Be Home for Christmas PG 1998
I'll Be Watching NR 2023
I'll Do Anything PG-13 1993
I'll Find You NR 2022
I'll See You in My Dreams PG-13 2015
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead R 2004
I'm Charlie Walker NR 2022
I'm Going Home NR 2002
I'm Gonna Explode NR 2009
I'm Just a Tree NR 2005
I'm Not Jesus Mommy R 2011
I'm Not Rappaport PG-13 1996
I'm Not Scared R 2004
I'm Not There R 2007
I'm Still Here R 2011
I'm Totally Fine NR 2022
I'm Your Woman R 2020
I'm an Electric Lampshade NR 2023
I'm the One That I Want NR 2000
I've Been Twelve Forever, Parts 1 and 2 NR 2007
I've Heard the Mermaids Singing NR 1987
I've Loved You So Long PG-13 2008
I, Daniel Blake R 2017
I, Frankenstein PG-13 2014
I, Madman R 1989
I, Robot PG-13 2004
I, Tonya R 2018
I.O.U.S.A. PG 2008
I.Q. PG 1994
I.S.S. R 2024
IMAX Nutcracker, The NR 2001
Ice Age PG 2002
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs PG 2009
Ice Age: Collision Course PG 2016
Ice Age: Continental Drift PG 2012
Ice Age: The Meltdown PG 2006
Ice Harvest, The R 2005
Ice Merchants NR 2023
Ice Princess G 2005
Ice Road, The PG-13 2021
Ice Storm, The R 1996
Iceman, The R 2013
Icicle Thief, The R 1989
Icon NR 2022
Ida PG-13 2015
Idea of You, The R 2024
Identical, The PG 2014
Identity R 2003
Identity Thief R 2013
Ides of March, The R 2011
Idiocracy R 2007
Idiots and Angels NR 2009
Idle Hands R 1999
Idlewild R 2006
If Beale Street Could Talk R 2018
If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise NR 2010
If I Could Ride NR 2023
If I Give My Soul: Pentecostalism in the Prisons of Rio NR 2015
If I Stay PG-13 2014
If Looks Could Kill PG-13 1991
If Lucy Fell R 1995
If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front NR 2013
Igby Goes Down R 2002
Igor PG 2008
Il Divo: The Spectacular Life of Guilo Andreotti NR 2009
Il Ladro Di Bambini NR 1992
Illegal Tender R 2007
Illtown R 1997
Illuminata R 1998
Illuminated Brain, The G 1999
Illusionist, The PG 2011
Illusionist, The PG-13 2006
Illusive Tracks NR 2006
Image of Victory NR 2022
Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The PG-13 2010
Imaginary Crimes PG 1994
Imaginary Heroes R 2005
Imagine Me & You R 2006
Imagine That PG 2009
Imagine: John Lennon PG-13 1988
Imitation Game, The PG-13 2014
Immediate Boarding NR 2005
Immediate Family NR 2022
Immediate Family PG-13 1989
Immortal Beloved R 1994
Immortals R 2011
Impact Point R 2008
Imperfect NR 2024
Imperialists Are Still Alive!, The NR 2011
Importance of Being Earnest, The PG 2002
Impossible, The PG-13 2013
Impostor R 2002
Impostors, The R 1998
Impromptu PG-13 1990
In & Out PG-13 1997
In America PG-13 2003
In Between Days NR 2007
In Bruges R 2008
In Case of Emergency NR 2020
In Country R 1989
In Crowd, The PG-13 2000
In Darkness R 2012
In Dreams R 1998
In Flames NR 2024
In Good Company PG-13 2005
In Her Shoes PG-13 2005
In Her Skin NR 2011
In Her Words: 20th Century Lesbian Fiction NR 2023
In Its Wake NR 2023
In July NR 2003
In Love and War PG-13 1996
In Memory of My Father NR 2009
In My Coutry R 2005
In My Sleep PG-13 2011
In Order of Disappearance R 2016
In Search of Beethoven NR 2010
In Search of Greatness PG-13 2018
In Search of Mozart NR 2007
In Search of a Midnight Kiss NR 2008
In This Our Life NR 2008
In Too Deep R 1999
In Vogue: The Editor's Eye NR 2014
In a Better World R 2011
In a Dark Place R 2008
In a New York Minute NR 2022
In a Shallow Grave R 1988
In a World... R 2013
In the Aisles NR 2019
In the Army Now PG 1994
In the Bedroom R 2001
In the Company of Men R 1997
In the Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson at 50 NR 2023
In the Cut R 2003
In the Heart of the Sea PG-13 2015
In the Heat of Passion R 1992
In the Land of Blood and Honey R 2012
In the Land of Women PG-13 2007
In the Line of Fire R 1993
In the Loop NR 2009
In the Mix PG-13 2005
In the Mood PG-13 1987
In the Mood for Love PG 2001
In the Mouth of Madness R 1994
In the Name of the Father R 1993
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale PG-13 2008
In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro R 1986
In the Shadow of the Stars NR 1991
In the Spirit R 1990
In the Valley of Elah R 2007
In-laws, The PG-13 2003
Inbetween Girl NR 2022
Incamazonia: Discovering the Peruvian Grail NR 2022
Incendiary R 2009
Incendies R 2011
Inception PG-13 2020
Incident at Loch Ness PG-13 2004
Incident at Oglala PG 1991
Incident by a Bank NR 2022
Incitement NR 2020
Incognito NR 2022
Inconvenient Truth, An PG 2006
Inconvenient Truth, An: Sequel to Power PG 2017
Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The PG 2013
Incredible Hulk, The PG-13 2008
Incredibles 2 PG 2018
Incredibles, The PG 2004
Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, The R 1995
Indecent Proposal R 1993
Independence Day PG-13 1996
Independence Day: Resurgence PG-13 2016
Independent, The R 2008
India: Kingdom of the Tiger NR 2003
Indian Runner, The R 1991
Indian Summer PG-13 1997
Indian in the Cupboard, The PG 1995
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny PG-13 2023
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull PG-13 2008
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade PG-13 1989
Indignation R 2016
Indigo Girls: It's Only Life After All NR 2024
Indigo Girls: It's Only Life After All NR 2024
Indochine PG-13 1992
Indonesia: Dance of Life NR 2008
Infamous R 2006
Infernal Affairs R 2004
Inferno PG-13 2016
Inferno R 2009
Infiltrator, The R 2016
Infinitely Polar Bear R 2015
Infinity PG 1996
Informant!, The R 2009
Informer, The R 2022
Informers, The R 2009
Infrared NR 2022
Inglorious Basterds R 2009
Ingrid Goes West R 2017
Inherent Vice R 2015
Inheritance NR 2024
Inheritors, The R 1998
Inkheart PG 2009
Inkwell, The R 1994
Inland Empire R 2007
Inner Senses NR 2004
Innerspace PG 1987
Innocence NR 2001
Innocent Blood R 1992
Innocent Voices R 2005
Inside R 2023
Inside Deep Throat NC-17 2005
Inside High Noon Director's Cut NR 2022
Inside Job PG-13 2011
Inside Llewyn Davis R 2014
Inside Man R 2006
Inside Out PG 2015
Inside the Mind of a Cat NR 2022
Insider, The R 1999
Insidious PG-13 2011
Insidious Inferno NR 2023
Insomnia R 2002
Inspection, The NR 2021
Inspector Gadget PG 1999
Inspector General, The NR 2008
Inspire Me NR 2023
Instant Family PG-13 2018
Instinct R 1998
Institute, The NR 2022
Insult, The R 2018
Interceptor NR 2022
Intermate (aka Flashout) NR 2022
Intermission R 2004
Intern, The PG-13 2015
Internal Affairs R 1990
International, The R 2009
Internship, The PG-13 2013
Interpreter, The PG-13 2005
Intersection R 1993
Interstellar PG-13 2014
Interview R 2007
Interview with a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles R 1994
Interview, The R 2015
Intimacy NR 2001
Intimate Battles NR 2020
Intimate Strangers R 2004
Intimates NR 1997
Into Temptation R 2009
Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport PG 2000
Into the Blue PG-13 2024
Into the Deep NR 2010
Into the Deep R 2022
Into the Forest R 2016
Into the Great Silence NR 2007
Into the Grizzly Maze R 2016
Into the Lost Desert PG 2021
Into the Spotlight NR 2023
Into the Storm PG-13 2014
Into the Sun R 2011
Into the West PG 1993
Into the White NR 2000
Into the Wild R 2007
Into the Woods PG 2014
Intolerable NR 2007
Intolerable Cruelty PG-13 2003
Intouchables, The NR 2012
Introducing Jodea NR 2021
Introducing the Dwights R 2007
Intruder, The PG-13 2019
Invaders from Mars PG 1986
Invasion, The PG-13 2007
Inventing the Abbotts R 1996
Invention of Lying, The PG-13 2009
Inverse Everest NR 2021
Invictus PG-13 2009
Invincible PG 2006
Invisible Life R 2020
Invisible Man, The R 2020
Invisible Nation NR 2024
Invisible Warriors: African American Women in World War II NR 2022
Invisible, The PG-13 2007
Invisibles, The NR 2019
Invocation of My Demon Brother NR 2007
Ip Man: The Awakening NR 2022
Ip Man: The Awakening NR 2022
Ira & Abby R 2007
Iraq for Sale: War Profiteers NR 2007
Iraq in Fragments NR 2007
Irina Palm R 2008
Iris R 1993
Irishman, The R 2019
Iron Claw, The R 2023
Iron Eagle PG-13 1986
Iron Eagle II PG 1988
Iron Family NR 2022
Iron Giant, The: Signature Edition PG 2015
Iron Jawed Angels NR 2004
Iron Ladies, The NR 2003
Iron Lady, The PG-13 2012
Iron Man PG-13 2008
Iron Man 2 PG-13 2010
Iron Man 3 PG-13 2013
Iron Monkey PG-13 2002
Iron Will PG 1993
Ironclad R 2011
Ironweed R 1987
Irrational Man R 2015
Irresistible R 2020
Irreversible NR 2003
Is Anybody There? PG-13 2009
Is Anybody There? PG-13 2009
Isabella NR 2022
Ishtar PG-13 1987
Island in Between NR 2024
Island of Dr. Moreau, The PG-13 1996
Island of Greed NR 1997
Island of Lemurs: Madagascar G 2022
Island of Lost Girls, The NR 2023
Island of the Sharks NR 2003
Island, The NR 2004
Island, The PG-13 2005
Islanders NR 2022
Isle of Dogs PG-13 2018
Isn't It Romantic PG-13 2019
Isn't She Great R 1999
Isolated, The NR 2022
It Ain't Over NR 2023
It All Starts Today NR 1999
It Could Happen to You PG 1994
It Follows R 2015
It Happened Just Before NR 2008
It Hatched NR 2021
It Is Not Over Yet NR 2021
It Might Get Loud PG 2010
It Runs in the Family PG-13 2003
It Snows All the Time NR 2022
It Takes Two PG 1995
It's All Gone Pete Tong R 2005
It's Basic NR 2023
It's Coming NR 2023
It's Complicated R 2009
It's Kind of a Funny Story PG-13 2010
It's My Party R 1995
It's Nice in Here NR 2022
It's Not a Burden: The Humor and Heartache of Raising Elderly Parents NR 2021
It's in the Water NR 1998
Italian Job, The PG-13 2003
Italian for Beginners R 2002
Italian, The PG-13 2007
Itsy Bitsy Spider PG 1992
i am sam PG-13 2001
iMordecai NR 2023