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Pursuit of Freedom
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[Available Sept. 19 on various VOD platforms.] When vicious sex-trafficking Ukrainian gangsters kidnap an Ukrainian woman (Jessica Koloian), whose abusive husband (Mike Markoff) is a gambling addict who owes them money, from the modest home she shares with her parents (Mimi Sagadin and Paul Kandarian), and ends up being forced her into prostitution in Amsterdam in George A. Johnson's powerful, award-winning, factually inspired, religious-based, gripping, well-acted, touching, 92-minute film, she becomes severely ill and increasingly desperate after three years to reunite with her children (Brayden Eaton, Tenley Kellogg, and Elias Kemuel) with the help of a Christian Dutch nurse (Sharonne Lanier), a pastor (Robert Amaya), a compassionate Armenian (Stelio Savante), a lawyer (Robia Scott), an Armenian agent (Garry Nation), and a physician (Brett Varval).

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