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Townhouse Confidential
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[Available Jan. 31 on various VOD platforms.] When three wacky sisters, including a redheaded bakery employee (Samantha Simone), a personal trainer (Brittany Bennett), and an online blogger (Allison Wick) who writes about the celebrity townhouse market, struggle to keep their inherited West Village townhouse from foreclosure in Patrick Perez Vidauri's hokey, cartoonish, intermittently funny, plot-hole-filled, 98-minute romantic comedy inspired by Jane Austen's and dominated by an eclectic group of characters (Ernest Pierce, Jonas Barranca, Russell Sperberg, Danny Bolero, Georgia Kate Haege, Pepi Streiff, and Cory Stonebrook), a sly, ambitious real estate mogul (Lee Tyler), who borrows money from two sleazy mobster loan sharks (Al Linea and Joseph D'Onofrio) to buy up property and to complete a land development deal, changes his stripes when he realizes one of the sisters is a girl he fell in love with 24 years earlier when he was seven and she was five.

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