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Art of the Steal, The
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An eye-opening, educational, ire-producing, fascinating documentary that consists of interviews with former director of education for the Barnes Foundation Ross L. Mitchell, professor of history and politics Dr. Robert Zaller, journalists David D'Arcy and Lucinda Fleeson, world-famous art dealer Richard L. Feigen, art critic Christopher Knight, writer John Anderson, former Barnes Foundation trustee David W. Rawson, professor of law Bruce H. Mann, curator Dr. Colin B. Bailey, and artists Jay Raymond, Harry Sefarbi, Irv Nathan, and Richard Segal to chronicle the cultural vandalism of the $25 billion post-impressionist art collection (i.e. artworks by Vincent Van Gogh [e.g., "The Postman"], Henri Matisse [e.g. "The Joy of Life" and "La Danse"], Georges Seurat [e.g."Models"], Jean Renoir, Paul C├ęzanne [e.g. "The Card Players"], and Pablo Picasso) of Dr. Albert Coombs Barnes and the greedy, unethical shenanigans of various people, including former Barnes Foundation President Richard H. Glanton and Philadelphia Mayor John Street, who ignored the explicit desires and will of Dr. Albert C. Barnes and move his stunning, priceless collection from its home in Merion to Philadelphia.

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