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Slow pacing hinders this complicated, uneven, 115-minute, 2011 ensemble film based on Arthur Schnitzlers play Der Reigan, which is in the vein of Crash and interconnects various people around the globe, including a recovering alcoholic father (Anthony Hopkins) who befriends a woman (Maria Flor) at a snowed-in Denver airport on her way back to Rio de Janeiro while searching for his daughter, an unhappy British businessman (Jude Law) who makes plans to cheat with a prostitute in Vienna while his wife (Rachel Weisz) in London is having an affair with a younger Brazilian (Juliano Cazarré), a concerned Colorado therapist (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) who worries about a recently released sex offender (Ben Foster) who goes missing at an airport on his way to Kentucky when his plane is delayed, two Slovakian sisters (Lucia Sipsová and Gabriela Marcinkova) who work as escorts for a pimp (Johannes Krisch) in Vienna, and a widowed Muslim dentist (Jamel Debbouze) in Paris who has developed feelings for his dental assistant (Dinara Drukarova), who is married to a henchman (Vladimir Vdovichenko) working for a ruthless gangster (Mark Ivanir).

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