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Nut Job 2, The: Nutty My Nature
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After their nut-filled shop explodes and the rotund, greedy, duplicitous mayor (voiceover by Bobby Moynihan), who has a spoiled brat for a daughter (voiceover by Isabela Moner) and a trick-performing bulldog (voiceover by Bobby Cannavale), decides to turn the lush city park into a cash-generating amusement park on the cheap in this colorful, family-oriented, action-packed, intermittently funny, 3D, 91-minute animated comedy, two longtime squirrel friends (voiceovers by Will Arnett and Katherine Heigel) try to find food and a new home for their hungry, displaced animal friends, including a rat (voiceover by Tom Kenny, a pug (voiceover by Maya Rudolph), a mole (voiceover by Jeff Dunham), a groundhog (voiceover by Gabriel Iglesias), and two chipmunks (voiceovers by Laraine Newman and Cal Brunker), and end up surprisingly getting help from badass, kung-fu-kicking mice (voiceovers by Jackie Chan, Robert Tinkler, et al.) in China town to release their animal friends that were imprisoned in cages by the local animal control officer (voiceover by Peter Stormare) and to reclaim their home.

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