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You Were Never Really Here
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Lynne Ramsay's convoluted, dark, critically acclaimed, violent, blood-splattered, 90-minute film based on Jonathan Ames' 2013 novella in which a suicidal, PTSD-afflicted, nightmare-plagued Gulf War veteran (Joaquin Phoenix) and former FBI agent, who cares for his disabled aging mother (Judith Roberts) in a New York City apartment, struggles with memories of his tormented childhood, hires himself out as a hoodie-wearing assassin to locate missing girls and to track down and bludgeon to death with a hammer sex traffickers, and then is hired by a widowed New York senator (Alex Manette) to find his traumatized 13-year-old daughter (Ekaterina Samsonov) who has been kidnapped and is working as a sex slave in a Manhattan brothel.

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