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American Chaos
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Pro-Clinton director James D. Stern's fascinating, informative, eye-opening, insightful, 90-minute documentary in which he crisscrosses the highly divided country six months prior to the Nov. 2016 election to get the pulse of the nation and their likes and dislikes of the 70-year-old Republican candidate Donald J. Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary R. Clinton through photographs, archival film footage, and interviews with former Hialeah mayor Julio Martinez and his friend Francisco Hernandez, WFTL radio host Joyce Kaufman, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, pastors David and Tami Donnally, UCLA professor and Dean of social sciences Dr. Darnell Hunt, Arizona border ranchers John Ladd and Peggy Davis, voter Marion Frank, Cochise County Republican Chair Casey Jones, UCLA author and professor of information studies Dr. Ramesh Srinivasan, Obama's former advisor and campaign manager David Plouffe, Boca Rotan Country Club Chairman Armand Grossman, Air Force veteran Sue Mitchell, tea party member Marion Frank, University of Chicago professor of geophysical sciences Dr. David Archer, West Virginia local business owner David Hatfield, welding business owner Brian Beddow and wife Kristi, former coal miners Freddie McNeely and Danny Massey, UCLA English and gender studies professor Dr. Kathleen McHugh, educator David McCoy, Arizona Republican editorial page editor Phil Boas, and Mensa member Iris Lynch.

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