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Never Look Away
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Exceptional acting and gorgeous cinematography dominate this captivating, critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated, thought-provoking, haunting, 189-minute film, which is inspired by the life and career of German avant-garde painter Gerhard Richter, that begins in 1937 in Dresden, Germany, in which an artistic 5-year-old boy (Cai Cohrs) witnesses his beloved aunt (Saskia Rosendahl) suddenly hauled away by ambulance due to her mental instability, then follows the talented painter (Tom Schilling) from 1945 to 1961 as he falls for the beautiful fashion student (Paula Beer) and daughter of a prominent gynecologist (Sebastian Koch) and his wife (Ina Weisse) not realizing that her father was the Nazi SS doctor responsible for his aunt's sterilization and eventual murder in a gas chamber along with other inferior people by placing a red plus sign by their names, and then escapes with his now devoted wife to the West in Düsseldorf where he continues his art studies at a prestigious academy run by an eccentric professor (Oliver Masucci) and finds his unique artist expression and success as a painter.

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