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Where's My Roy Cohn?
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A fascinating, insightful, candid, comprehensive, 97-minute documentary that examines the life and career of powerful, charismatic, manipulative, smart, ruthless, socially connected, egotistical, gay, Jewish attorney Roy M. Cohn (1927-1986), who was highly influential in American politics and the Rosenberg and McCarthy hearings, from his graduation from Columbia Law School to his disbarment in 1986 and includes audio and video recordings and interview snippets with protégé Roger Stone, publishers Jason Epstein and David Rosenthal, journalists (such as Sam Roberts, David Cay Johnston, and Marie Brennen), media reporter Ken Auletta, lawyers (such as Robert Cohen, Martin London, and John A. Vassallo), historian Thomas Doherty, former U. S. attorney Peter Sudler, gossip columnist Liz Smith, boyfriend Wallace Adams, cousins Anne Roiphe and Gary and Dave Marcus, and writer Gore Vidal, as well as television clips from interviewers Tom Snyder, Mike Wallace, and Larry King.

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