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Woman Who Loves Giraffes, The
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[Opens April 10 in Virtual Cinema sponsored by MSP Film Society; for more information, log on to mspfilm.org.] Gorgeous cinematography dominates this captivating, informative, thought-provoking, fascinating, 82-minute, 2018 documentary that chronicles the extraordinary life and career of Canadian biologist, novelist, and researcher Dr. Anne Christine Innis Dagg who began her groundbreaking study of giraffes in 1936 in South Africa while staying at the 20,000-acre Fleur De Lys farm run by Alexander Matthew and became a feminist activist after being denied tenure as a professor despite her stellar academic reputation and publishing more than twenty research papers in scientific journals and consists of photographs, archival film footage, and interview snippets with San Francisco curator Amy Phelps, retired Reticulated Giraffe Project leader John Doherty at Belfast Queen's University, giraffe genetic specialist David Brown, giraffe behavior specialist Lisa Clifton-Bumpass, physicist husband Ian Dagg and daughter Mary, retired University of Guelph zoology professor Sandy Middleton, retired University of Guelph College of Biology Dean Keith Ronald, giraffe conservationist and researcher Andy Tutchings, and Save the Giraffes Executive Director Fred Bereovitch.

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