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And the Birds Rained Down
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[Subtitled] [Opens June 19 in Virtual Cinema sponsored by MSP Film Society; for more information, log on to mspfilm.org.] When a feisty, tenacious photographer (Ève Landry) ends up at a remote Canadian hunting lodge managed by a cannabis grower (Éric Robidoux) in an attempt to interview a renown survivor (Kenneth Welsh) of a devastating forest fire in the early 1900s in this poignant, touching, captivating, well-acted, critically acclaimed, languid-paced, bittersweet, 127-minute, 2019 film adapted from Jocelyne Saucier's novel, highlighted by stunning cinematography and scenery, and dominated by a sensitive portrayal of the vagaries of life and the nature of aging, she discovers dark paintings by a deceased artist and finds herself photographing three reclusive senior citizens living as hermits off the grid in the woods in northern Quebec, including a retired postal worker (Gilbert Sicotte) estranged from his family for 15 years, a beautiful woman (Andrée Lachapelle) desperate for a human connection after being locked up in a psychiatric hospital all of her life, and an alcoholic guitarist (Rémy Girard) searching for inner peace and contentment.

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