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Year the Earth Changed, The
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[Available April 16 on Apple TV+ Only] Spectacular cinematography dominates Tom Beard's compelling, educational, inspirational, 48-minute documentary narrated by David Attenborough that examines some of the positive effects on nature and the planet since the onset of the global pandemic in March 2020, which forced people and tourists to stay home, including decreased air and water pollution, especially in India; improved survival of orcas in Canada that do not have to compete as much with ships; increased laying of eggs by loggerhead turtles in Florida and offspring by jackass penguins that find feeding their chicks easier with much fewer beachgoers; increased safety of African cheetah cubs when their mothers can hunt and feed them without tourists watching; improved health of dolphins in New Zealand, gorillas in Uganda, elephants in India, and spiny seahorses in England; and increased exploration in urban environments by animals, including monkeys, leopards, and antelope in South Africa, rhinos in Kenya, geckos in Israel, pumas in Chile, capybara in Argentina, and deer in Japan and consists of insightful commentary by turtle researcher Justin Perrault, cheetah researcher Salim Mandela, wildlife photographer Russell Maclaughlin, conservationists Meghna Hazarika and Dulu Bora, and whale researchers Christine Gabriele, Janet Nielsen, and Suzie Terrlink.

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