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Alien Report, The
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[This independent film has not yet had an official release, but Earths Dreamland is currently looking for distribution.] Patrick Donnelly's thrilling, spectacular, eerie, original, creative, fascinating, realistic, well-written, micro-budget, non-Hollywood type, 78-minute sci-fi film in the vein of the 1999 "The Blair Witch Project" that has awesome makeup, terrific special effects, and intentionally jittery footage in which a traumatized, deaf teenager (Braxton Hale) decides to film his haunting and harrowing experiences as an alien abductee by using several cameras, including a micro cochlear implant camera, and his iPhone to document aliens (Koltyn Watts, et al.) that follow him around Chicago and his mysterious, disturbing, numerous abductions by elusive, telepathic aliens (Whitney Master, et al.) during the course of his life where he encounters other abductees and a human-alien hybrid (Emily Bramer) onboard a UFO spaceship; a must-see for UFO enthusiasts.

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