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Jungle Cruise
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[Opens July 30 in theaters and Disney+.] Jaime Collet-Serra’s highly-entertaining, action-packed, humorous, well-paced, twist-filled, unpredictable, star-studded (Paul Giamatti, Veronica Falcón, David Lengel, Piper Collins, Andy Nyman, Sulem Calderon, and Mark Ashworth), 127-minute film in which a spirited, butt-kicking, lock-picking, London-based British botanist (Emily Blunt), who is joined by her stylish, prim-and-proper brother (Jack Whitehall) who has a great right hook, hires a likable, tiger-loving, pun-spewing, map-drawing steamboat captain (Dwayne Johnson) to navigate the deadly Amazon in 1916 on his dilapidated, home-made boat in the hopes of discovering the legendary tree called Tears of the Moon that has powerful healing properties while being pursued by a tenacious, ruthless, aristocratic German prince (Jessie Plemons), who is also desperate to find the mysterious tree to somehow help the war effort in Germany, and cursed 400-year-old conquistadors (Édgar Ramírez, Quim Gutiérrez, Dani Rovira, et al.).

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