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Acid King, The
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[Available Nov. 9 on various VOD platforms.] Dan Jones and Jesse Pollack's powerful, factually based, in-depth, thought-provoking, disturbing, behind-the-scenes, 116-minute documentary that examines the media and the community frenzy that ensued surrounding drug-using, drug-dealing teenager Ricky Kasso who brutally murdered friend 17-year-old Gary Lauwers with two other friends while high on LSD and angel dust in New York state in an alleged Satanic sacrifice during the summer of 1984 and consists of archival news and newspaper snippets, film clips, photographs, and fascinating commentary by Ricky Kasso's friends (such as Grant Koerner, Chris Limbach, Richard Schock, Tom Sullivan, Rich Barton, Mike Menton, Mark Florimonte, and David Johnson), radio host Chris Tsakis, detective Douglas J. Varley, journalists Leslie K. Hatton and David Breskin, Gary Lauwers' friends (such as J. P. Groeninger, Brian Higgins, Billy Leason, Scott Travia, Mike Benton, and Tom Raetz), professor and social worker Anthony Zenkus, author Nick Mamatas, defense attorney Eric Naiburg, musicians and singers (such as Corey Bing, Bahb Branca, Lori S., and Brendan B. Brown), Kasso's student Ron Schmitt, filmmakers (such as Jim Van Bebber, Tommy Turner, and Chandler Thistle), Northport native Brian Kaufman, Northport resident Marlene Yolango, former Suffolk County D. A. Patrick Henry, and Northport police chief Robert Howard.

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