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What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?
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[Opened Nov. 12 in theaters and available Jan. 7 on MUBI.] Alexandre Koberidze narrates his compelling, award-winning, languid-paced, poignant, 150-minute romantic fairytale highlighted by gorgeous cinematography in which a Georgian pharmacist (Oliko Barbarkadze/Ani Karseladze) and a soccer player (Giorgi Amroladze/Giorgi Bochorishvili) fall in love at first sight in the city of Kutaisi on the Rioni River amidst the popular World Cup soccer match, a film within a film about love, and roaming canines, but when an Evil-Eye curse makes it impossible for the couple to recognize each other the next day or anyone else to recognize them, fate intervenes to draw the two back together.

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