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Worst to First: The True Story of Z100 New York
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[Available Feb. 11 on various VOD and cable platforms.] Mitchell Stuart's intriguing, informative, insightful, entertaining , 64-minute documentary that chronicles talented, tenacious, and a little crazy programming director and DJ Scott Shannon's efforts to make Z100 the successful, iconic top radio station in New York City in 74 days after launching in August 1983, and since 2007 it continues to be the world's top radio station with currently more than 10 million listeners per month via broadcast radio and extended platforms, including digital, podcasts, and social media, and it consists of radio snippets and colorful commentary by wife Trish Hunter Shannon, recording artists (such as Jon Bon Jovi, Debbie Gibson, Tony Orlando, Joan Jett, Gavin DeGraw, and Taylor Dayne), music legend Clive Davis, Z100 cast members (such as Ross Brittain, Claire Stevens, and "Professor" Jonathan B. Bell), Z100 program director Anita Bonita, Z100 program coordinator Cathy Donovan, actor Joe Piscopo, music journalist and radio historian Jimi LaLumia, Entertainment Enterprise President John Sykes, Z100 sales director Gary Fisher, producer Kenny Laguna, Z100 head engineer Frank Foti, former Z100 program directors Tom Poleman and Steve Kingston, Z100 promotional director Ken Lane, SVP Promotion Adult Radio Pete Consenza, radio hosts (such as Elvis Duran, Wolfman Jack, and Patti Steele), musical director Michael Ellis, Malrite communications programming VP Jim Wood, columnist/author David Hinckley, journalist/author/TV host Geraldo Rivera, Chic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame founding member Nile Rodgers, former Sony Music Group CEO Donnie Ienner, and DJs Jim Kerr, Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton, and "Magic" Matthew Alan.

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