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Walk, The
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[Opens June 10 in theaters.] While a compassionate, protective, straight-and-narrow Irish cop (Justin Chatwin) is assigned to protect Black students in Boston in 1974 after Massachusetts passes a controversial law that forces integration in the Boston school system by bussing Black students to all-white high schools and vice versa during citywide protests in Daniel Adams' poignant, factually based, award-winning, riveting, thought-provoking, star-studded (Malcolm McDowell, Jeremy Piven, Sally Kirkland, Jim Gleason, Jason Alan Smith, Thomas Francis Murphy, William Mark McCullough, Jay Huguley, Bill Dawes, Maggie Wagner, Jason Alan Smith, Dane Rhodes, Coletrane Williams, Tedrick Martin, and Anastasiya Mitrunen), 105-minute film dominated by terrific acting, his feisty, rebellious, 17-year-old daughter (Katie Douglas) examines her own bigotry and use of racist language and an 18-year-old Black student (Lovie Simone) and her security guard father (Terrence Howard) must deal with pervasive racist attitudes amidst increasing violence.

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