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Necro Files, The
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[Available July 2022 on Blu-ray™ from Visual Vengeance.] After Seattle detectives kill a cannibalistic, murdering rapist (Isaac Cooper) in the home of his latest victim (Theresa Bestul) and crazed, idiotic Satanists (Todd Tjersland, Akira Enomoto, Larry Gygax, David Bramwell, Sak Cameron, and Todd F. Baker) sacrifice his newborn to raise him from the dead nine months later as a sadistic, well-endowed, flesh-chomping, sex-addicted zombie in Matt Jaissle's award-winning, like-it-or-hate-it, over-the-top, hilariously bizarre, nudity-sprinkled, cringe-inducing, horribly acted, guts-filled, exceedingly gruesome and violent, 72-minute, 1997 cult horror film, a deranged, drug-addicted, disillusioned, not-by-the-book detective (Steve Sheppard) and his pudgy, worried partner (Gary Browning) pursue him once again along with a flying demonic infant when victims (Jenn O. Cide, Jeff Nelson, Anne R. Key, and Dru Berrymore) begin to pile up.

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