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Waking Up Dead
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[Available Oct. 25 on various VOD platforms.] After becoming despondent when his career goes off the rails, he gets evicted from his apartment, and his boyfriend (Caio Ara) breaks up with him in Terracino's quirky, risqué, multilayered, low-key, 78-minute dark comedy in which various colors set the tone, a struggling, self-centered, gay actor (Gabriel Sousa) in Los Angeles turns to his sister (Angelic Zambrana) and friends (Cody Renee Cameron, Patricia McKenzie, and Nelson Arrieta Jr.) for support and when his audition for an upcoming pilot set up by his cocaine-snorting agent (Traci Lords) does not go as planned, a former actress (Judy Geeson), who lost her 19-year-old son to a heroin overdose years earlier, steps in to help when he hits rock bottom.

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