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Nam June Paik: Moon Is The Oldest TV
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[Played May 3 as part of AARP's Movies for Grownups, plays May 16 on PBS at 9 p.m., and available June 13 on various VOD platforms; for more information, log on to pbs.org/americanmasters.] Steven Yeun narrates Amanda Kim's fascinating, informative, insightful, thought-provoking, 2-hour documentary that explores the life and career of talented, influential, avant-garde, eccentric Korean classically trained pianist, conceptual and experimental artist, sculptor, and video art creator Nam June Paik, who as the father of video art coined the phrase "electronic superhighway" in 1974 and consists of artist's writings excerpts, archival photographs, film clips, performance snippets, and candid commentary by artists (such as Shalom Gorewitz, Yoko Ono, Mary Bauermeister, David Gigliotti, Liz Phillips, Don Foresta, Marina Abramovi?, Joseoh Beuys, John Sanborn, Ulysses Jenkins, Izhar Patkin, and Park Seobo), media art historian and Paik Video author Edith Decker-Phillips, early gallerist Holly Solomon, German art historian and curator Wulf Herzogenrath, artist and wife Shigeko Kubota, nephew Ken Hakuta, friend and advisor Dolores An, free jazz saxophonist Peter Brötzmann, composer and experimental musician John Cage, art historians Lee Youngwoo and Barbara Moore, avant-garde filmmaker Jonas Mekas, German art theorist and artist Bazon Brock, former ICA, Whitney and SFMOMA director David Ross, video curator and collaborator Russell Connor, Guggenheim's Asian art senior curator Alexandra Munroe, architect and avant-garde gallerist Rolf Jährling, writer and landlord Bill Wilson, composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, former Rockerfeller Foundation arts director Howard Klein, Korean contemporary art curator Kim Sunjung, former WNET producer Carol Brandenburg, egineer Shuya Abe, WGBH public television director Fred Barzyk, and former Whitney, Guggenheim, Smithsonian curator John Hanhardt.

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