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All the Lonely People
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Played June 23 as part of AARP's Movies for Grownups and available on Amazon Prime Video and various digital and VOD platforms.] Stu Maddux's award-winning, heartfelt, insightful, informative, inspirational, touching, thought-provoking, 67-minute, 2021 documentary that examines the contributions to loneliness (e.g., family estrangement, relocating often, childhood bullying, major life change, financial inequity, depression, social isolation, parenthood) and actions that help alleviate loneliness (e.g., accepting the situation, talking with people, motivating yourself, connecting with nature, seeking out like-minded people) by interviewing an eclectic group of people struggling with chronic loneliness, including New Yorker Tony Westbrook, Englishwoman Mary Hill, African-American Carol who had a positive attitude despite being confined to her bed for 6 years, gay Alaska couple Andrea Ritchey and Paula LaBreck, writer and piano player Ari Rossen, Victor Field, Muslim Khiloud Alagab, Asian Muslim Humyra Begum, Charlene McCool, and Graham Irish, and consists of candid commentary BYU geriatrician Dr. Carla Perissinotto, Dial-a-Ride Linda Cox, Ending Loneliness Together scientific chair and Campaign to End Loneliness OBE cofounder Janet Morrison, psychology and neuroscience professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad, social isolation and loneliness researcher Michelle H. Lim, local shed organizer Frank Buckley, volunteer telephone buddy Eric S. Blackie, and filmmaker Stu Maddux.

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