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Night of the Assassin
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[Available July 21 on Hi-YAH! and Aug. 8 on DVD, Blu-ray™, and various digital platforms.] When a highly skilled, non-smiling, sword-wielding assassin (Shin Hyun-joon) learns he has a life-threatening heart ailment and hides out in the mountains in South Korea while seeking a cure and working for a widowed cafe owner (Kim Min-kyung), who has a wannabe hitman son (Choi Sung Won), after escaping from prison in Kwak Jeong-deok's captivating, action-packed, fast-paced, humor-punctuated, violent, 101-minute film highlighted by striking fight choreography and scenery and cinematography, he accepts one coin from the widow as payment to take revenge against a ruthless, cowardly, power-hungry opium seller (Lee Moon-sik), numerous bandits (Park Jaehoon, et al.), and assassins (Hong Eunki, Lee Jung-min, et al.) when her son does not return home.

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