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Night of the Caregiver
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[Opens Aug. 15 in theaters and on various VOD platforms.] While a determined NYPD detective (Joe Cornet) seeks the help of a parapsychology expert (Eric Roberts) in California to find his mother who he believes was murdered and went missing 26 years earlier in Joe Cornet's creepy, tense, suspenseful, violent, 77-minute thriller with wacky dialogue and mediocre acting, a hospice nurse (Natalie Denise Sperl) arrives at the isolated home of her strange, elderly charge (Eileen Dietz), quickly senses the two of them are not alone, and reaches out on the phone to her friend (Anna Oris) for support as she begins to hallucinate and to be terrorized by a dangerous, menacing, demonic entity with sharp teeth and red glowing eyes.

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